My Health Journey

Haha no one wants their mouth to go numb and their face burn off at the same time… well, actually some people like that, but not me. 

I guess it’s not really a vegan place with a name like Pok Pok (which I believe means chicken).

P.S. I love thai food!

Pok Pok is know for fish sauce chicken wings. My omnivore family loved it, but it was very hard to find a vegan option that would have protein. Rice, veggies, and getting my face burned off is what happened. I like a little heat, but not that much.

It was a cold green papaya salad. Got it at Pad Thai Kitchen on Belmont. The papaya was slightly pickled and it had other veggies sliced thinly. It was really light and fresh. I took a pic (for my food rating app) although the lighting doesn’t do the dish much justice. <3

How’d you have it? I had it in a HOT Thai salad last year for my brother’s birthday, and I haven’t tried it since.