My Health Journey

Gym Time! Day 1 (getting back on track edition)

I did it and I feel great. I went with my good friend, Katherine, who is also working to get in shape in order to be pregnancy ready for her next baby. We had both not intensely exercised for several months, so we were on an even playing field. 

What we did:

  • 20 min on the elliptical
  • 3 reps of 13 on 5 different strength machines (focusing on arms)

Nothing insane, but it was a great start and we pushed our out-of-shape selves! When we were done, we headed to Chipotle for salads (no dairy, lots of lettuce). 

Next buddy trip is on Thursday, but I’m going to go on my own tmrw. Very happy to be back and making progress to my goals.

My post on MFP this morning

"Honesty and accountability: I have gained back all of the 30lbs I lost during the summer of 2011. I went up and down over the past 2 years, but I have eventually put it all back on as of this morning. I haven’t been to the gym in probably 8 months and I have pretty much been eating whatever I want. It’s obviously not a good feeling and is going to take a lot for me to turn it around. BUT I’m ready. Today I am going back to the gym and I’m going to start. Whatever the amount of exercise, I’ll be there and taking the steps to get back on track to being healthy and happy. Basically, I back and ready! :-)"

So, there you go. The truth is out there. I’m wiping the slate clean and starting over. WIW will happen tomorrow and I’ll start posting my new journey today. Thanks in advance for your support! 



WIW - Restarting Edition

It’s been a couple of months since I have weighed myself. It’s been over a month since I went to the gym. And it was late may since the last time I was eating healthy seriously and consistently. My biggest fear getting back on track was that I would weigh more than when I started last June. That weight was 266lbs (yikes!) and on this entire journey my lowest weight has 232lbs. I worked hard for those 34lbs. I used My Fitness Pal and worked out 4-5 times a week. There were many reasons why I fell off the wagon and lost control over my diet/exercise plan, but really it was just a matter of self-control and choosing the easy route. Every day I thought about getting healthy, losing weight, and getting fit, but 90% of the time I would choose not to really do anything about it. I enjoyed food; I relaxed on my couch; and I avoided simple acts of exercise. This confession is a rebirth. I admit I didn’t do what was best for me and my body, and I take full responsibility for it. I’m ready to do this. I’m ready to confront the bumps in the road and overcome the obstacles of self-control. It all starts today and the first step is to weigh-in again and share it with the world. So here we go:

Today’s weight (Nov 14, 2012): 256lbs

Highest weight (June 2011): 266lbs

First goal weight (Dec 14, 2012): 245lbs

Ultimate goal weight: 150lbs

Btw, I’m 5’5”

So here’s to new beginnings and being a warrior against the habits and comforts that got me in this situation. I am strong and I can do this.


I want to become a runner

But I am so intimidated and scared. Every time I have tried I can’t go longer than 1 minute and as soon as I stop my legs cramp and burn incredibly badly. I know that I should just do as much as I can and then the next day add a bit more, even if it’s 5 seconds at a time. 

What happens is it hurts so much… that the next day I’m at the gym, I do something that isn’t so painful, like the elliptical or stair climber. 

But truly I want to be a runner. I know it will help me so much to lose weight and keep it off. It will help my metabolism and overall heath. 

Does anyone have suggestions on overcoming the fear and pain??


I hate maintaining all week and then Saturday comes (my “official weigh-in day) and I’ve gained 2lbs! Huh? I went to the gym last night and kicked ass, but it seems my muscle decided this was the day to get heavier. I hope that’s what it is.

Despite the fact that I haven’t been eating perfectly for the past 2 weeks (but not horribly), I have always managed to make it to the gym since I made a promise to myself in January. I haven’t lost any poundage since the beginning of May, but I’m still staying fit. 

Moral of the story is: keep going, never give up, and if I eat better I’ll lose faster. :-)

I just hope the 2lbs falls off as quick as it jumped on.


I haven’t been to the gym since last Thursday! I had a great B-day week, and now I’m back in the swing of things. Chyah!

Not a very exciting workout, but I’m getting my groove back (like Stella)

.3 miles of walking on the treadmill to warm up

32 minutes of weight loss program on the elliptical (I pushed it real hard on the high resistance intervals and broke a really good sweat)

Tomorrow I am walking 1.2 miles and doing another 32min on my trusty elliptical. Plus, arms arms arms on the weight machines.

Hope you’re all having a great week! <3